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Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

I've been stateside for a few months now and STILL haven't gotten my fill of Mexican food. I'm starting to think it's just one of those things I will NEVER tire of... But it IS summertime and bikini season is nearly upon us, so I'm trying to reign it in a little. I love a good fish taco, and honestly when it's grilled, it's not even that naughty! But I edited these just a teeny bit for the purpose of that teeny waistline...


  1. White Fish
  2. Lettuce
  3. Avo
  4. Toms
  5. Bell Pepper
  6. Red Onion


I don't always have the easiest time cooking fish. Mine falls apart? Or like half the fillet will stick to the pan and the other half will crumble into mush? ...Anyone else? Well my Abuelita gave me the tip of all tips and found frozen, WILD CAUGHT (important), white fish fillets that you bake. It's the easiest thing in the world. I popped two in a glass pan, drizzled with olive oil and topped with this Black Bean dip "mix" from Mother's Market for that extra Mexican flare.


I don't have the biggest issue with eating the tortilla, but leaving it out just makes me feel that much lighter and gives me less things to feel guilty about when I slip into a bikini. Also, I'd prefer to have fish tacos every single day, so the tortillas would start to add up. I love to buy "living lettuce" from Sprouts or Whole Foods. It's just a head of lettuce that still has it's little root, so technically it's still alive... eeeks! But really it's just suuuuper yummy butter lettuce and makes the perfect "wrap" for a tortilla-less fish taco. It's in the produce section, usually in a little box. Make sure to get organic!



Everybody's got their own guac recipe that they live and die by, so you do you. I'm a bit of an avo purist and love it roughly mashed with a squeeze of lemon + sprinkle of salt. Plan and simple. Sometimes chili flakes if I want a little heat.



Break off big pieces of lettuce and lay the fish + toppings inside! I didn't have much to work with, but made do with a bell pepper for some crunch, red onion because, duh, and the toms rounded it all out. Would have loved a sprig or two of cilantro + some jalapeños!


There you have it! Super easy, super yummy, and best of all, super healthy. Now we can have fish tacos every day of the week!


My Favorite Vice

My Favorite Vice