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First BBQ of Summer

First BBQ of Summer

Walked out of work today at 6 and the sun was still high in the sky! Daylight savings happened over the weekend, proving that long summer days are officially upon us, yayy!!! I was about 5 minutes from home on the bus when Ali called me and asked if I wanted to join her and her cousin for a barbecue. Now, I know that a lot of things have been deemed "my absolute favorite thing ever" or one of my obsessions, but barbecues have always had a firm top spot on that ever growing list. So yes, I was a keen bean.

Ali and I live with her cousin Amy. But Amy's sister, Caroline, lives just on the other side of the road (hint, hint, Lizard...) with her new hubby, Daniel. They have a very chic apartment that is somehow the perfect balance of "grownup" and "fun"...

Also on that long list of obsessions are balconies! Maybe not all balconies, though... But when I first visited Australia in February of last year, I spent a lot of time on Conor's balcony on balmy summer evenings. A glass of wine, my favorite olives, either a great book or great company, and a gorgeous view of Sydney harbor. It was on that balcony that I first started to feel the tug of this country on my heart, so it will always be a special place. Stepping out on Caroline and Daniel's balcony in the warm summer weather reminded me that I'm still exactly where I'm supposed to be.

The fixins'...

The Tools...

Daniel really got after that corn... I feel a little bad because he was cutting it with a knife at first, but then I told him it was easier to just break them in half with your hands, which was NOT the case. Not sure where I got that information from?

Ali and I weren't allowed to do anything but drink our wine, so naturally we gave it our all...

Conor always tells me I'm really funny about food. He says he's never seen anyone get as excited as I do about anything food related... I'm not sure how to take this? I was hoping it was just that I get excited about everything, but after seeing this photo Ali took of me and my wine, I'm having my doubts...

Sidenote: That is a proper Olivia Pope wineglass and I really need a set in my life

The food was absolutely amaze and it was so fun to have din as a big family. I feel like the Goldmans have adopted me and I'm loving every second of it :) :)

Cheers to summer and many more barbecues!


"Freshly Baked Pies"

"Freshly Baked Pies"

You're in Australia, Now

You're in Australia, Now