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It's Alright, Baby

It's Alright, Baby

Eeeeks! There's a little timer on my Facebook that lets me know every day that yet another 24 hours has passed without me updating le blog. It's not a matter of letting it fall to the wayside, but more a matter of not having a whole lot of interesting content... Five months into my Aussie adventure (INSANE) and I feel like I've just settled into normal life. So, not a whole lot of "blog-worthy" events. After all, not every day can be spent kayaking in Darling Harbour. And how many times do you want to read about Conor and I cooking dinner, ya know?

However.... Every single day, in the wee hours of the morning for most of you Statesiders, I get in bed, close my eyes, and think about how thankful I am to be here. I am thankful for the people who encouraged my adventure, who told me it wasn't crazy at all (or so crazy that I had to do it), who promised to visit or welcome me back without judgement if things didn't go so smoothly, who tell me they miss me but agree I made the right decision; and of course, thankful for Conor and Amy, who aside from being two of the best people on this planet, made this funny, foreign land feel like home just three seconds in. And that feeling is worth noting and keeping in my collection of treasures that is this blog. 

SO! Aside from realizing I'm the luckiest girl alive, here are a few other things that have happened since we were last in touch...

We've taken to eating din most nights on my beloved balcony. Conor is an excellent (and super cute) chef! Here he is cooking up some burgers one night. I was entrusted with the avo - some would argue that's the most important part.

I tried my first proper meat pie! One of the best bakeries in Sydney, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, is directly across the street from me. Every morning while waiting to catch the bus for work, I have to endure the intoxicating scent of freshly baked bread and fight the urge to run inside and buy the whole lot. One afternoon, Conor shows up to my apartment starving and unwilling to walk further than 20 feet for food. So we poured ourselves into two sun drenched seats and were soon faced with this...

(Toldya he was hungry). We shared a true beef meat pie and a vegetarian curry pie They truly are UN-REAL. Fully flavored filling embraced by the flakiest of flaky crusts. And since we were already here and making peace with the calories, I insisted dessert could not be missed... If someone had told me that I would one day be dating someone who had never had a chocolate croissant, I would have laughed at the audacity of such a statement. However, this was the predicament I found myself in and had no choice but to immediately rectify the situation...

As has already been established, I sometimes get obsessed with things. The last month or so has seen me through a serious chia seed obsession, of all things. Like some rookie, I had just been sprinkling them on everything I ate from protein shakes to steamed broccoli. And then I came across this photo on Instagram of a chia pudding situation and realized I had been going about it all wrong...

So when Conor called asking to meet up for lunch somewhere, I recalled this photo and insisted we head to Speedo's Cafe. Perched on a hill with outstanding views, Speedo's is certainly a Bondi fixture. We were greeted with delectable looking treats, but I had come here for one thing and one thing only.

Conor got his standard order of eggs benny with salmon...

And I learned that I do NOT like chia pudding. After all that, ha! But I do love coconut yoghurt! Super win since I'm dairy free! 

I also learned that nothing is really that bad because this is what I'm surrounded by... 

Halloween! It did not go un-celebrated down unda! Conor's friend threw a house party and, being American, I was not about to half-ass this shindig. I got myself a wig, a bathing suit, and a Bondi Babe Lifeguard was born! ;) 

On one of our date nights, I dragged Conor to see The Light Between Oceans, because I had loved the book. We showed up to the theatre and after getting our tickets, went in search of some candy. We found this thing...

And were shortly after informed that it doesn't matter how much you get, you pay the same price. We were advised to "shove as much as you can into the cup" and did exactly as we were told. Cheers!

Conor stress ate his whole cup under major duress (If you've seen it, you can relate?) and I lived on mine for about a week! Yikes.

I met the last member of the Davison fam! Conor's brother, Nathan, lives in Canberra, but was in Sydney for one night with his fiancé, Janell, before they flew to Barbados for some major wedding planning! Their sister, Jess, organized a dinner at Muum Maam in Surry Hills. SO fun! And they look so much alike!!! 

OK! You are all caught up now!!


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