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Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday

Growing up in California means Mexican food is a staple part of your diet. In Australia... not so much. There are no Chipotles or Taco Bells here, and the "Mexican restaurants" well, let's just say most of them deserve those air quotes. But Ali and I came across a list of Taco Tuesday contenders and were determined. We hoped for the best, prepared for the worst, and marched our butts to the Beach Burrito Company...

Thankfully we didn't have to march too far because this place is just a 7 minute walk from home! Passed this cutie pie of a beach house on the way...

Ali and I share a love of dining al fresco (#bestfriends)so we got pretty excited as we rounded the corner and saw this...

And are you really a Mexican restaurant if you don't have a KILLER taco Tuesday??

Inside, it most certainly looked promising! It had bright decor and fun, kitschy details that have become the standard background for fresh guacamole and spicy margs...

We bellied up to the bar and interrogated this poor mate* about the taco situation. We learned a few things 1. They do indeed have Tapatio (haven't seen it since landing down unda!), 2. Frozen margs are the better deal, but shaken is less toxic, 3. He normally eats 4 tacos and advised us to get 3, 4. Yes, it is totally normal to come here every Tuesday

We ordered our assortment of tacos and sat facing out to catch the last bit of sun. How amazing is it that this pic was taken at like 7:30pm?! Loving these long summer days!

Fresh lime on tacos is like the ultimate authentic Mexican restaurant test... This place passed!

In an effort to really test the menu, we also got margs ;) They weren't quite the same as what I remember calling a marg in the States, but they'll do.

Very tempted to sneak a bottle of the illusive Tapatio in our bags... 

We walked back home with satisfied tums and happy hearts - We did it! We found a great Mexican restaurant, walking distance from home. Like a little slice of home on a tortilla! Safe to say that come next Tuesday, you can be sure to find a little blonde and redhead here at the bar, heads bent deep in gossip and tacos :)

*first 'mate' drop on the blog! #assimilating


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