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It's Been Awhile...

It's Been Awhile...

Eeeeeeeks, hello out there! Conor logged on to my computer recently and pointed out that it has been approximately 46 days since I had posted on my blog...! What is more frightening - the fact that 46 days in Oz had passed by in a blink, or that I had left my avid fans/followers in the lurch?! The answer will remain unknown but for those that are attempting to follow my down unda adventures, my deepest apologies to you! My beloved and (until now) trusty camera suffered an untimely watery death in South America and it really slowed down my roll on this blog. Alas, the show must go on and I am pledging to post more regularly albeit with grainy iPhone photos :)

Cheers to that!

OK! So updates!


I added a bit of structure to my Aussie life and put my parents' minds at temporary ease by getting a job! For the last month I've been working for an Australian fashion designer whose line is entirely handmade in - wait for it - Colombia and her name is - one more time - Carolina!! Her line is absolutely beautiful. It's a really ideal situation in a small but quickly growing company where I have flexible hours, great pay, and a badass boss. Success! Check it out here.


I had a real Aussie moment the other day when I realized I was wearing thongs in the rain... comfortably, I might add! 


A few friends have already booked flights to Sydney!!! I honestly could not be more over the moon!! I truly feel like I have been living a dream life down here and the only thing that could possibly make it any better is sharing it and showing it to my peeps. Anyone reading this who is even slightly questioning planning a trip, or even just thinking about thinking about it, please reach out to me! I would love to have you :)


Our family reunion and celebration of Papi's birthday in Colombia was one for the books, as they say. I am one lucky little thing to have gotten to see all my family so soon after saying "catch'ya" to the US, in the motherland no less! A few photos survived from this trip and I will get them on here soon!


I'm going to the country! This coming weekend is a holiday weekend and Conor and I are taking advantage of the time off and roadtripping to his parents' house in Orange! We'll drive through the Blue Mountains, visit a vineyard or two, explore where Conor grew up, and hang out with his parents! Beyond excited! 

Other than that, I've really just been settling into life down here. Roommate dinners, happy hours, a new workout sched (Winter Summer is Coming), work life, going to the beach. You know, normal things!

A few camera photos of my neighborhood, North Bondi Beach, that never made it on the blog!

Walk with me...

...to the grocery store!

...to pilates!

...and back home :)


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