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Heaps of Peeps

Heaps of Peeps

Summer is here and Bondi is in FULL EFFECT. FULL. EFFECT, PEOPLE! The temperature is finally what I would deem "hot" or "warm" from the minute I wake up to well past my head hitting the pillow... The bars, cafes, and restaurants in my neighborhood now have a constant stream of peeps coming and going... The streets are packed with buses coming from the CBD, inching their way towards the water, stuffed to the brim with desperate beach goers... This is how I first met Sydney and could not be more delighted at our reacquaintance!! 


Conor and I each worked a half day on Friday (pretty common down unda) and raced our little butts to the beach the second we were free, with just the most minor of detours to grab a quick bite. Once sand and surf were in sight, we ducked in to Macelleria. Kind of a quirky concept, it's a butcher shop that cooks whatever meat you pick out. 

Itching to get our toes in the sand, Conor and I each grabbed a takeaway burger and headed down to grab a spot.

...Which proved more difficult than you would think!! The beach was PACKED. I don't think I've ever seen a beach so packed, and I grew up frequenting Newport Beach...! HEAPS. OF. PEEPS! 

Unable to wipe the smile off my face, I dug in. 

Super tasty!! And since I don't eat red meat all that much (or meat, of any color, really), I was happy to know that it was of super high quality.

In all the excitement of getting to the beach as quickly as possible, Conor and I both managed to forget the books we're currently reading. Thankfully, Bondi Beach is the best spot this side of the equator for people watching...

Secretly, I was kind of jealous of their umbrella struggle, because it meant they had an umbrella. I, on the other hand, was only armed with my ginormous sunhat and endless layers of SPF 50. You would think I'd be covered (pun intended), and yet I still managed to acquire a slew of fresh freckles and the faintest shade of pink #GingProbs

After we were good and baked, we made our way back through the city to meet up with a Uni friend for a tennis date. I maintain that I'm not athletically inclined, but of all the sports, I think tennis and I would get along best. I plan to have a few more lessons because we're heading to Melbourne for the Australian Open in January and it'd be cool to know what's going on ;) I gave it a few good whacks and then left the boys with their balls...

(I'm reading the BEST book! "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. So beautifully written. Highly recommend.)

Back at Conor's we cooked up some zoodles and chased the sun down with a glass of wine on his balcony. In keeping with the theme of being a bad blogger, I didn't take any photos :( But it was truly the cherry on top of a perfect day. I believe I mayyy have mentioned my love affair with this balcony before... but now when I go out there, the warm summer air hugs me back!


Started as all good days do; with eggs and avo on the balcony. A lazy afternoon spent alternating between reading in the sun and attempting a gluten-free banana bread recipe (more on that later, if all goes well). Nothing of major note until we showered and dressed for dinner in the city. Lombie gave us the recommendation to try Spice Alley. We hopped off the train and walked a bit until red lanterns hung over our heads and the smell of warm spices hit us in the face. Spice Alley is a little enclave of Asian street food style vendors, serving up everything from steamed dumplings to Peking duck. It's meant to look like a little alley way with different market stalls boasting their specials, all surrounding a clutter of bistro seating.

It's BYOB (almost every Aussie Asian restaurant is!), but we came empty-handed and unprepared. Having had our fill of small plates, we ventured inside for something that came in a glass...

Espresso Martini! We meet again. They really are killer and I'd love for them to start trending in the US by the time we are back.

I got a vodka-basil smash that did exactly that.

Round two provided Conor with his new favorite drink - a blend of a whiskey-sour and a whisky-ginger (fitting!).

My second choice went by the name of Coco Chanel and tasted like a Pina Colada. Very festive!

Two drinks in and we were fighting fits of laughter. I mean the ab-inducing, tear-producing, kind of laughter! So we put an end to the drinks but stayed awhile in the cute bar chatting until night crawled in over our heads. A magical night of great food, great drinks, and my favorite company!


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