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Surfers Paradise, The Gold Coast: Day 1

Surfers Paradise, The Gold Coast: Day 1

Alas!! Our Holiday weekend has arrived!! I woke up SO excited to get on a plane with Conor and head to beachy, Aussie Vegas. I grew up celebrating even the littlest things with a little bubbly and this holiday was no exception...

Seriously, HOW cute are these piña cups?! I've had to stare at them every day in a shop near work and was just begging for a proper excuse to buy them. Thank you, Surfers Paradise! I whipped up a super yummy cocktail and surprised Conor with it the morning we took off:

I chopped up half a pineapple and muddled it with a handful of basil and fresh ginger. I poured vodka over the mixture and let it soak like that overnight. The next morning, I blended the other half of the pineapple with some champagne. I strained the now flavoured vodka and mixed it with the pineapple-champagne slushie. Voila!

The Gold Coast is a quick, one hour flight from Sydney. A few chapters of my book later and we were landing... 

Hopped in an uber and cruised straight to our AirBNB on Chevron Island; the beach on our righthand side the entire drive!

After arriving, we dropped our bags and headed straight back out in search of a late lunch - we were famished. Chevron Island is a quick 10 minute walk to the beach, over a little bridge.

We chose our pick from a slew of restaurants along the beachfront and dug into a hearty, vacation meal!

Of all the terrifying creatures that make their homes down unda, THIS is what sends Conor running the other direction...

He's killed many a creepy crawler for me - without so much as a flinch - but this bird right here is what gives him the heebie-jeebies...?? :)

Feeling revived after our burgers, we headed down to the sand. Although the sun was low in the sky, it was still so hot! There were still tons of people out and about, sunbathing, playing volleyball, one curious fellow was even searching for some left behind treasure...

Conor borrowed my hat, proving that with a little confidence you can rock any look...

We caught the last few rays and then headed back to our new pad.

Aside from the location, one of the best things about the apartment was that it had a huge patio balcony. I loved spending the evenings out here and being able to walk out here right after waking up!

(Clearly, Conor likes it, too!)

On our way back from the beach, we had stopped in to the market and bought reinforcements. We snacked on some munchies and whipped up some drinks for the piñas! 

We enjoyed the piñas while watching the sky go from blue to pink, to finally powering down.

Lucky for us, we made friends with the guys who own the apartment! One of them works at a popular bar and with the promise of some free drinks, we headed out and hit the town!

The night got the best of us, so the pics end there! We drank, we danced, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!


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