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Splendour in the Grass: Day 1

Splendour in the Grass: Day 1

Kinda skipping Thursday here because I don't have a lot to show for it... The girls and I wrangled ourselves out of bed and trekked it into town on a mission to find iced coffees and plan out the rest of the weekend. A few of us still had crucial outfit pieces and accessories to hunt down for the festival.

As you can see iced coffees were found, and I guzzled mine down not 2 seconds after I took this photo. I kept insisting to everyone that this was the BEST iced coffee I had ever had, until finally Emily, sitting next to me said, "Really? Because mine tastes really weird..." After sending our two coffees around the table to be tasted and tested, it was deducted that Emily had been given my order of almond milk and I had sucked down her regular, full milk latte. Not that big of a deal unless, like me, you recently developed an intense lactose intolerance... I've always had my suspicions about dairy because it's never made me feel that great, and in what seemed like a effort to prove me right, my bod eventually just gave a flat out NO to any and all dairy. It hasn't been that fun of an adjustment, let me just tell you.

Anyway, that's the last photo I have of Thursday until hours later, when I rallied and revived myself enough to stomach a spicy margarita :)

 Friday morning was the last morning we all woke up feeling nice and fresh... 

We were in need of some supplies (read: alcohol) so Conor, Lombie, Jen, and I walked in to town to get everyone sorted. Check out our walk in to town...!!

Not bad for running errands, right??

Note the sandals in my hand... Up until I moved down here, I was a firm believer that flip flops ARE NOT shoes. I would literally cringe when Conor would show up in a pair of what I can only describe as "shower shoes". You know like the ones you have to bring to summer camp because you're sharing a shower?? Yeah, he wore those as actual shoes. But I've embraced just about every other aspect of Australian life, so one of our first stops was straight into a surf shop where Jenna and Lombie declared I must acquire a pair of "thongs". And apparently as far as thongs go, Havaianas are the only way to go. Quite comfy I must say, and when you're heading to the beach every day, I GUESS they make sense.

The infamous shower shoes below!

This little pup is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. He was just staring out at sea watching who I assume was his owner hit the surf. 

So many of the beaches in Oz have giant pine trees along the sand. So funny since I really only associate them with the mountains back in the US. So gorg though...

In need of a little refueling, I directed the crew back to the cafe of my demise... After all, the lattes were really good, no denying that. Byron Fresh was the cutest little spot in town; very Byron-y in that they serve all organic, local food and are big on conservation and recycling.

I was that annoying girl who said upwards of three times, "I am lactose intolerant, PLEASE make sure I get the almond-cashew milk!!!"

Nervous smiles all around, but thankfully I was fine!

Once back at the house, the girls glammed up (as much as you can for a festival), and cards, wine, and beer were brought out. I could not get enough of these cute pineapple cups!

The longer the game went, the rowdier the crowd got. I ran around the back of the house and found this ridiculous straw woven hat that made more than its fair share of rounds for photos...

I think it was maybe Jenna's blue hair that inspired some sort of girl power/ Spice Girls theme??

A token selfie from the boys who were tasked with playing paparazzi :)

In town, we stumbled upon a little screenprinting tshirt shop where the boys snapped up these bad boys...

With about 10 minutes until we had to leave for the festival, we were all in full effect...! Nicole discovered the pool table made an excellent stage upon which we could pose and make the boys take more photos of us, hehe.

We finally made it out of the house and headed to where the buses would pick us up to take us over to the festival. Look at these two fleecy besties holding hands! And yes, Conor did actually wear the Farmer Brown hat out...!

Making our way through the crowds to the main stage...

Our fearless leader, Jenna, making sure no one is getting lost..

The main stage was an amphitheater, so we had to trek it up a big hill to get down into it. 

Finally summited! 

Trying to get a good pic of the two of us like...

YAY for Splendour Day 1! So much fun and such a great kickoff for the rest of the weekend!


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Byron Bay

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