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Surfers Paradise, The Gold Coast: Days 2 & 3

Surfers Paradise, The Gold Coast: Days 2 & 3

As it turns out, when you hit the town hard, it has a tendency to hit back. We woke up just a teeny bit sore from our evening skirmish and were moving a little slow Saturday morning. So with snacks in tow, we headed down to the pool...

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We posted up in some lounge chairs and let the cool breeze soothe our pounding heads.

Conor went for a swim...

And I was pretty content in the dappled shade with my book...

Looks like the side effects of last night are wearing off already!

Since we had made friends with the Air BNB guys, they came and found us and asked if we wanted to barbecue in the apartment. Never ones to turn down a BBQ, we obviously agreed and headed up to help out.

Turns out, "helping out" looks a lot like sitting on the patio with a cold beer! So we did our part and were the best little helpers around!

Conor gave the meal his approval...

But DID feel that it was lacking a little something. A little something sweet... and cold... and creamy.... Conor wanted ice cream. We had heard about a famous Surfers Paradise milkshake, just around the corner from us. So we donned our thongs and headed out of the apartment for the second time today, this time venturing a little farther than the pool downstairs ;)

We came across a very unassuming little coffee shop, but sure enough, it had the big milkshake on the menu.

Conor was quite the happy camper!

For Saturday night, we had booked a famous cabaret and dinner show. We had heard amazing things and were so, SO excited. But when we got back from the milkshake excursion, Conor got a call from the place saying they mad mistakenly overbooked tonight's show and would be refunding us our tickets as we could not attend :( Major bummer and we had to scramble to book somewhere else for din. And where did we end up, but at a Teppanyaki steakhouse in a fancy hotel!

(We walked in the rain!!)

Before before being led to our table, we got to hang out in this swanky little bar where we cheersed to having such a good holiday weekend together :)

We sat at the grill table with a family and another couple. It's quite a funny little setup, but we decided to own the experience fully, flying shrimp and all. 


Sadly the next morning involved packing :( We rounded up our sandals, sunscreen, and bathing suits, packed up the little piñas and headed out.

Our flight wasn't until 5, so we headed straight for the beach!

It was insanely hot!! So we quickly set down our bags and towels and made a beeline for the water.

Conor dove in and out of the waves while I stayed about waist deep. The water isn't exactly warm, but SO refreshing in the heat. We swam and played in the waves until we were too tired to stand and came back to our towels to relax.

Conor only lasted about 10 minutes before diving into the water again! I stayed put reading my book. When he finally made his way back up, he was starving from all that hard work dodging waves. We waited the 5 minutes until he had dried off and then went in search of sustenance. We landed on Betty's Burgers. Mostly because they had a cute little shaded patio and, in addition to melting, we were now also famished.  

For our last holiday meal, we ordered loaded burgers, crunchy onion rings, and crisp glasses of wine!!

We chatted about what a great, relaxing weekend it was, and how much fun it is to travel together!! It was the first time we had traveled together just the two of us, and we're already eager to do it again! 

All that was left was to catch the train to the airport back to Sydney.

By the looks of it, Conor is already dreaming up where we should go next! :)




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