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Liquid Morning

Liquid Morning

During the week, I don't eat solid food until like 2pm. I'm not on any sort of crazy cleanse, but my morning routine is full of magical liquid elixirs that promise to keep me slim and glowing with every sip. Intrigued? Read on to sip your way to a fit figure and dewy skin...

Detox Drink


It wakes me up, gives me energy, makes me feel super light and lean, and sets a positive tone for my day. Throw it all into the biggest cup in your pantry and fill up with water and ice!

  1. 2tbsps of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. ACV cleanses your system, hence "detox", hence clear, glowy skin...! It balances your pH levels, which may sound science-y, but is actually super important because cancer cells can't grow in a bod that's balanced. You also feel more full when your pH levels are all balanced, so it's a bit of an appetite suppressant. Win, win! Bragg's is probably the most popular brand; just make sure your ACV has "the mother" in it (the good kind of bacteria, protein, and enzymes - aren't mama's the best?). Also - don't overdo the 2tbsps
  2. 1/2 LEMON (If we're being honest, I usually use the whole thing) Lemon juice is amaze for digestion. It reduces bloating and water weight. Realllly comes in handy after weekends full salt-rimmed margs or just a lot of sushi.
  3. Generous sprinkle of TURMERIC. Turmeric is my favorite spice of all time, I could maybe do a whole post on my obsession, it's that real. You'll recognize it as that one spice that turns everything BRIGHT yellow. Seriously - consider this your warning and handle with care... But it's a natural anti-inflammatory - sooo many diseases these days are the result of inflammation so let's keep that in check.
  4. CAYENNE PEPPER (however much you can handle). Cayenne increases blood circulation and boosts metabolism. This is why it's great to drink it first thing in the AM... anything you eat after will be digested in a timely manner, if ya know what I mean ;) That signature kick also breaks up mucus and toxins in your arteries, keeping your heart in tip top shape.
FUN SIDENOTE This little magic elixir took my workplace by storm. I started showing up to work with a giant bottle of Bragg's + a bag of lemons and the strong scent of vinegar quickly became a fixture amongst the 8am bagel-toasting, coffee-brewing frenzy. After having to answer the question "Isn't that the cleanse Beyonce did?" for the 1000th time, I realized the weird things I do in the name of heath, wellness and beauty might be of interest to other people as well. When I'm obsessed with something, I want to share it with everyone I know. Hence this blog! I started it as a space to collect all the things that have improved my life or just made me happy, in hopes that it would do the same for someone else. So here we are!

Green Tea

After the detox drink, I move on to green tea. The benefits of green tea are seriously endless. It increases fat-burning, boosts metabolism, and gives you energy. As if that's not enough to love, it also lowers your risk of certain cancers (including breast!) because it's choc-full of antioxidants!

Protein Shake


...I pretty much drink this at the same time as my tea...

  1. Two scoops of Arbonne's chocolate protein shake mix - 20 grams of vegan protein
  2. Two scoops of Vital Proteins' Collagen Peptides (read why collagen is EVERYTHING here)
  3. A heaping spoonful of cinnamon - cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties!
  4. More turmeric :)
  5. Almond milk if I can find any that doesn't have nasty carrageen in it, otherwise I'll just mix it with water

I have been drinking this shake for like 7 years. I love the taste and even better is the lack of chemicals, anything processed, or dairy. It keeps me full and I love the routine of it all. I really don't work out all that much and I attribute much of my leanness to this convenient little shake!


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