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My Favorite Kind of Massage

My Favorite Kind of Massage

I recently had the pleasure of getting two facials within the span of like 3 weeks. Besides feeling like Kim Kardashian, I learned a little something... The facials were given by two different estheticians at two different spas, but I noticed a few similarities. Specifically, the facial and neck massage. It was the exact same movements at both spas. After a quick little Q & A, I learned that this specific type of massage encourages lymphatic drainage.

...Why do we care? 

Because the benefits of lymphatic drainage in the face are numerous. It's part of the reason for your post facial glow, it tightens you up, and rids you of toxins. Lymphs are in charge of ridding your bod of toxins. But things like stress, lack of sleep, inflammation, or a poor diet, can slow them down. This translates to under-eye bags, dark circles, dull skin, and water-retention/puffiness. Cue me flinging open my laptop and googling, "How to give yourself a lymphatic drainage massage". Since there can only be one Kim Kardashian and not all of us can pop into a facial every two weeks, I've rounded up a few things you can do at home...!



Bought this little baby right away and have been going at it every morning. It "revitalizes chi to tone and improve skin elasticity for a radiant, more youthful appearance". It also helps refine pores, reduces puffiness, relieves facial tension and improves circulation. I was sold right away. It comes with directions, so I won't get into that. But I will say I LOVE it. I feel like I notice it the most in my neck? My neck and jaw area feel slimmer and tighter, and my cheekbones seem more pronounced. 


I've been dry brushing my bod for a few years. Once I read that models use it to get rid of cellulite, I bought one and never looked back! It gives you a great tingling feeling like your blood got a major jumpstart and you can almost feel toxins getting drained out of you. Focus on your inner thighs and arm pits because that's where your lymph nodes are. RECENTLY though, I bought one for my mom and it came with a little baby brush specifically for your face! Brush in outward circular motions on your cheeks, swipe back + forth across your forehead, brush up on the middle of your neck and down on the outer sides of your neck (drain, drain, drain).


Don't want to wait for Amazon to deliver you a jade roller? Pop two (super clean!) spoons in the freezer and apply your fave eye serum/oil. Start with the spoons by your nose and massage under your eye in a swooping motion to your temple/upper cheekbone. Add some light pressure with the spoons when you reach the upper cheekbone. Remember you're actually draining so ALWAYS massage OUTWARD from your nose. Repeat for a few minutes. This is nice after a girl's night where you lost count of how many glasses of wine you had. Bye puffiness!



Same idea as the spoon facial but you've got a serum and cold metal ball wrapped up in one! I love this little guy for long plane rides and just being on the go. Swoop under your eye in outward motions and on your eyelid in back and forth motions.


Kate Moss swears by this so there's obviously something to it. I loved doing it in Sydney because it was just so hot and this cooled me down. You literally just take an ice cube and rub it on your face, in similar motions as the spoon facial, but also just all over. The coolness shrinks pores, alleviates oily skin (aka helps with breakouts), and relaxes wrinkles, while adding light pressure assists with lymphatic drainage. It's messy, but my face always feels nice and tight afterwards and pores really do shrink. You also get a fantastic glow, like you just walked off a ski lift somewhere in the French Alps.


This has nothing to do with massaging but I feel like it's still relevant... If you're not already on board with eyepads, get there. Some of my favorites are Collagen Eye Zone, Skyn Iceland, SK-II. They're so inexpensive (except SK-II), that they seem too good to be true but I'm telling you - they WORK. I've been using them for years and I can confidently say they pass 3 important tests: Hangover, Breakup, and Sleepless Night. Experience any of the three and pop these babies on so that no one else will know. For extra oomph, keep them in the fridge so they're nice and cold.


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