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7 Tips for BRIGHT EYES

7 Tips for BRIGHT EYES


Take your makeup off every single night, no matter what!! Keep makeup remover by your bed if you have to... I've have been known to drag my whole nighttime routine to the couch so that I can sit + hang out with everyone and still take off all my makeup + put on my potions... And while we're on the subject, take off all makeup GENTLY. a.k.a. NEVER, EVER rub, tug or pull!! The skin around the eye is SOOO delicate + thin. Treat it as such!. I swear by micellar water... It looks + feels like water, but it takes off the most stubborn makeup.

If I've actually made it to the bathroom sink, I start my routine by pooling lukewarm water into my hands and holding it up to my eyes ((is this making sense?)) so that the mascara starts to loosen up. 

If I'm being a lazy pants, and doing the couch routine... I'll start by spraying a bunch of rosewater spray on my face, kinda focusing on my lashes. Then I douse a cotton pad with micellar water and hold it on my closed eye for like a minute. A lot of makeup will start to come lose, so that after that you can GENTLY pat away whatever is left.


It was called the "fountain" of youth for a reason. Hydration is EVERYTHING. We are mostly made of water and the slightest deficiency ((dehydration)) will show up somewhere, most likely in our eyes, because again - delicate skin. Get a reusable water bottle or even a mason jar, and keep it with you at all times. Seeing my bottle helps remind me to fill it up, drink + repeat. I almost always add lemon + sprinkle of turmeric for the added benefits, but just get it down anyway you can!


If you've got any sort of skincare routine going on, chances are you're using eye cream. ((If you're not, START NOW)). Personally, I love eye creams that are just SUPER moisturizing. I don't really go for any specifically anti-aging creams. Just keeping that area INTENSELY hydrated has been working for me. Sometimes I even use Lucas Papaw ((which has the consistency of vaseline)). ((Photos are all linked!))

THE REAL TIP THOUGH, is application... Ring finger only!! The ring finger will apply the least amount of pressure - perfect for that thin skin. Dot under your eye + on eyelid and pat, pat, pat it in!

eye cream.jpg

And if you want to get extreme like me... add in a little massage


A couple things here... One, GET IT. A LOT of it. Sleep is SO important. If you struggle with knocking out, drink some calm tea, take a detox bath, go to bed early. Two, do it on your back. Sleeping on your back prevents your eyes getting all crinkled and smooshed throughout the night. You can get even MORE extreme and wear a silk eye mask to sleep!


I looove a good eye serum. I have one on me AT ALL TIMES. They just feel so good! My longtime favorite is the one by Simple Skincare because it has a little rollerball - great for lymphatic drainage. But I recently picked up the Peach and Lily ((GREAT Korean skincare line)) Hydrating eye stick... What can I say, I'm a sucker for packaging!! But it really is great - it is somehow always cold? So it helps relieve puffiness and it glides right on, giving GREAT hydration. 


Are you going outside?? SUNGLASSES. Seriously. The goal is to never have your eyes be all crinkled up. Keep them smooth at all times! Sunnies ensure that you are not squinting and ((good ones)) will also block evil, penetrating UV rays!



When all else fails, and you didn't take your makeup off, didn't get enough sleep, are dehydrated AF, etc.. Slap on some eye pads and be quick about it! I've linked a few of my favorites below and PRO TIP: Keep them in the fridge so they're ICE COLD. Helps so much with inflammation + puffiness.

Now we can all be babes with bright eyes!


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