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Natural Adderall

Natural Adderall

This is for all my babes out there whose brains love to wander off when we need them to stay put the most...

I started taking Adderall in high school after it was CLEAR I needed some outside reinforcements to keep me focused. In college, it was less of a regular, every day thing, and I normally just took it during midterms and finals. Out in the real world, free of thesis deadlines and all-nighters, I get on fine enough. Sure I could use a little help every now + again, but the side effects aren't worth the benefits to me. It throws off my eating sched in a major way so that I go hours without eating and then end up with a headache... And I thought coffee jitters were bad? Nothing like the Adderall "shake". When I would take it, I had trouble sleeping and was often left with a nervous-y, anxious feeling. Not fun.

So I'll say I had my reservations when I started hearing about a NATURAL alternative... Isn't the natural alternative just coffee?? Been there, done that, wrote the blogpost. But it wasn't coffee I was hearing about, it was a powdered herb cutely nicknamed "The Dopamine Bean".


Macuna Pruriens is an adaptogenic herb. Sun Potion makes a powdered form that contains 15% L-dopa, a naturally occurring amino acid that turns into dopamine in our brains. ((Science-y, right?)) 


Healthy ((high)) levels of Dopamine are important in order to...

  • Maintain focus + motivation
  • Feel energized
  • Elevate your mood


It's worth a try if you experience any of the following...

  • Struggle with staying on task + have a lack of focus
  • A persistently low or "down" mood
  • Trouble managing stress
  • Lack of sleep


Kindaaa... It has a super mild smoky-ish taste? I usually add it to my morning protein shake, but I've added it to my detox tea before and nothing tastes weird. I like it actually. It makes my tea taste "richer", if that makes sense...?


A week and a half in and I can confidently say, I love it! I feel very focused and stay on task on the days I add it to my morning routine. It's so different than an Adderall or coffee focus because you really do feel CALM. For me, it was actually pretty strange to feel calm AND focused... I'm only used to feeling one or the other, ha! ;) Even though I wasn't taking Adderall before, I feel like this could easily replace it. And I especially love that it's natural!! I do not sacrifice anything when I take it. It doesn't affect my appetite, doesn't make it difficult to sleep, gives me NO jitters, ALL while keeping me focused. I'm so much more efficient when I take it, I don't want to go a single work day without it!

It is supposed to elevate your mood as well. Since I'm typically in a very good mood, I didn't think I would be able to tell a difference. But I did notice this... When I used to take Adderall, I would "get in the zone" and I found myself being irritated by anyone or anything that would interrupt me. Dopamine Bean has none of that! I get my work done quickly, efficiently, and HAPPILY. 

I've only taken it in the morning; I put 1 teaspoon in either my green tea or my protein shake in the morning. ((Usually tea because I want to take it earlier)). 

macuna pruriens 2.jpg

**Just want to make it clear that I've never been to med school... Always ask your doc if you've got medical questions or concerns about supplements!

Time to get to work!!


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