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Beauty Water

As if I haven't RAVED about collagen enough ((here + here)), I'm back to report I've got a new favorite way of getting my fix.... and with a chic little name like "Beauty Water", what's not to love??

I've mentioned before I love to drink bone broth for a good dose of collagen. And I do. I LOVE it. But it's been getting a little warmer here so sometimes drinking a hot cup of soup isn't the most ideal? I have Vital Proteins' Beauty Water in easy crystal-light-style to-go packages which are PERFECT since I'm already sipping lemon water ALL DAY.

VP Beauty Water

My fave is the Lavender Lemon ((because, lemon)). It's light + so refreshing and really tastes like you're at a spa ((which makes feeling beautiful THAT much easier)).


  • Collagen ((hello gorg hair, long nails, plump skin, strong joints))

But it goes a few steps further to really earn that "Beauty" title and also has HYALURONIC ACID and PROBIOTICS

  • Hyaluronic acid is THE ingredient for youthful skin. It is a drink of water for your face. The ingredient is used in a ton of facial serums + creams, but it can also be ingested! Hydrates your skin from the inside out. Yes, please!
  • Probiotics are our gut's best friend. When your gut is healthy, it shows. You're immune system is stronger + you are able to maintain a healthy weight ((Really gets things movin' and groovin' if ya know what I mean))


There's really nothing to it! I just rip open a packet and dump it into a tall glass of water, squeeze some lemon, add some ice + SIP!

Beauty Water Lemons

The other thing I love about these little babies is that you're also just drinking water. If you are doing nothing else in terms collagen, probiotics, hyaluronic acid, then just drink HEAPS of water. Being hydrated is a MAJOR component for healthy a.k.a. BEAUTIFUL skin!

Sip up, babes!



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