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Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Just got back from an extra long weekend in BEAUTIFUL Byron Bay....! A few months back when I was still in the US, Conor had me snap up a ticket to one of Australia's biggest music festivals, Splendour in the Grass. Not really knowing what I was getting myself into, I did what I was told only to arrive in Oz and have everyone tell me how lucky I was to be going! Splendour takes place every year in the quaintest of sleepy beach towns, Byron Bay, about an hour north of Sydney by plane. The festival ran Friday- Sunday, but we booked a house from Wednesday to Monday to spend an extra few days in Byron.

So! Wednesday morning found us dragging ourselves out of bed at 5:30 to make a 7am flight, fueled by the adrenaline and excitement that comes with the start of a getaway...

With the sun still low in the sky, we landed in the most beautiful stretch of green, confirming my suspicions that I may have outgrown city life...

Like literally, there was a little group of cows just hanging out about 100 yards away from where the plan touched down... ACTUAL cows!

We hopped on a bus that took us and a group of other Spendour-goers into the town of Byron. "Happy Coach" - gotta love that!

Once in Byron, we had a few hours to kill before being let in to our beach house, so with coffee in hand, we walked the cute little streets poking our noses into the shops and taking note of the best cafes.

You know you're in Australia when window shopping includes an extensive collection of didgeridoos...! 

I was told not to make a trip to Byron without getting a "Byron Bay Cookie". Since I always do what I'm told without question (...), I happily marched in and retrieved the fan favorite, Dotty Cookie.

Look at that thing! Needless to say, it didn't disappoint...

After getting our fill of town, we made the 5 minute trek to the beach to recoup after an early morning of long walks with heavy bags. And if this sight doesn't revive you, I reckon nothing will...

James "Lombie" Lombardo looking mighty fine in his new hat... Lombie is Conor's roommate/bestie and all around gem of a human being.

Making friends with some of the locals...

As with many beach towns, a certain type of braided, bedraggled, hippie-man can be seen peddling fresh coconuts and Byron was no different. He cracked one open for us with a smile lacking a tooth or two and then later cracked it open so we could scoop out the inside...

We got word that the house was open, so we made our way over. Lucky for us, the house was an easy 15 minute walk from town. 

Introductions were made as we all got settled into the house and began talking excitedly about the weekend to come. The house was strategically designed to accommodate a large rowdy group (note the extensive outdoor area and pool table) and was big enough enough to sleep the 13 of us quite comfortably. 

Look how cute my little room was!! 

The boys whipped up a great barbecue dinner to accompany an epic few rounds of card games. A perfect first night in Byron before the madness of Splendour ensued!

Lessons from Down Unda

  • You probs already know that Aussie's drive on the opposite side of the road (still getting used to this btw - never know which way to look when crossing the street and still get squeamish when I see an oncoming car while driving thinking we'll crash); This also means the fast lane is the farthest right lane
  • This was SO weird: No one checked my ID at the airport... I had my driver's license, passport, AND a copy of my passport all ready to show someone and nothing. You just board with a boarding pass and that's it
  • Words Aussie's use to describe themselves as tired: "cooked", "buckled"
  • Aussie word for rainboots: Gumboots


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