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Tuesday Blues (And Greens)

Tuesday Blues (And Greens)

We flew back into Sydney late Monday night, and since Splendour got the best of me, I spent the better part of Tuesday in bed sick with a cold. Not the most ideal of situations, but far be it for me to complain when Conor, Jen, and Lombie all had to wake up and go to work... eeeks. When Conor came home from work, he took in the sight of me and decided I could use some airing out, so to the park we went! 

We went to a gorgeous park called, The Greens, conveniently located 2 blocks from Conor's apartment. I parked it in the grass and watched Conor and his friend John throw the ball around.

I was happy just to have a little fresh air in my face, but that wasn't going to cut it with this duo. There were plays to be learned...

Balls to be hiked...

And gingers to be tackled...

I actually thought I had it down and was doing an okay job. I mean look at my nice form!

**In fact, yes, let's focus on my form and not my outfit... A Conor's Closet ensemble while my clothes were in the wash

But after one of my "good" throws, Conor literally burst out laughing, it was that bad.

So I took my post back on the grass and let John sub in.

Sucks to be sick, but there's little that fresh air and a gorgeous park can't alleviate, if not completely cure. Not to mention these boys provided a good laugh :)


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