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Bold Brows

Bold Brows

Like everyone these days, I'm a fan of the bold brow. They frame your face, give definition, and make you look younger - what's not to love? Because I'm so fair and my brows are naturally very light, I got away with years of avoiding a waxing/tweezing routine. So while most girls are lamenting the years they over-plucked, I've done quite the opposite and grown myself a pretty thick pair of brows! Only problem is you can't really see them... So, for the last few years I've been making regular monthly trips to Benefit to tint them to a nice dark brown, swiftly eliminating my alien moonface. Even in Australia, I found a cute little brow bar right by my house who charged $15 to darken my brows. But I landed in California only to find out that Benefit no longer tints brows?! And it's something to do with FDA regulations, so no one in the state can tint a poor ginger brow?! Time to take matters into my own hands...

Enter the DIY Brow Tint!

I used L'Oreal Root Rescue in Dark Brown - other options that came up in my research were men's mustache/beard dye since they are meant for the face.

The kit comes with all the tools you'll need... to dye roots. A few modifications need to be made for brows: a spoolie, some Q-tips, and vaseline (I use Lucas Papaw - same consistency, more natural)

I also had some micellar water on hand to remove any makeup and help cleanup afterwards. (PS - if you are not already on board with Bioderma, get there)...

Ok, so literally it took me 15 minutes max, here's how I did it... 

  1. Follow directions of your dye and mix together your solution (all I had to do was pour dye into developing cream and shake)
  2. Clean up your brows with the micellar water (or your go-to makeup remover)
  3. Use a Q-tip to spread vaseline all around the perimeter of your brow - this will help contain the dye only to the area we want it
  4.  Apply the dye with a spoolie and set a timer! I left mine on for 7 minutes - I wanted to leave it on long enough for them to be super dark but not burn off or something crazy
  5. Use a clean Q-tip to wipe off any excess dye that got into a place he wasn't supposed to be (See below)
  6. When the timer goes off, rinse your brows in warm water and then go over them again with makeup remover to make sure ALL traces of dye are gone
  7. Admire your bold brows!

Here are my light little ginger brows...

And here are my dark bold brows! (Brushed my hair for the occasion)

Only out 15 minutes and 8 bucks! HIGHLY recommend!

I also LOVE a good brow "mascara". My two faves are Glossier's Boy Brow and Benefit's Gimme Brow - they both have super small brushes, and add color and thickness!


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