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How to Look Good ((Basically)) Naked

How to Look Good ((Basically)) Naked

There's a specific kind of panic that arises when you know you have to be in a bikini... pool party, vacation, beach day, etc. Am I right? Well I just spent a long weekend in Miami (tapping this out at the airport!) where I was in a bathing suit or very small dress twenty four SEV and ...shocker!... actually felt good. The key? Confidence. Here's what I did to get mine...


This was where I focused the most. I just made sure to eat super clean the month before. I do this anyways but always have my weekend indulgences... looking at you spicy margs. I ate TONS of veggies and healthy fats accompanied by lean proteins - grilled chicken, fish, turkey. I always tried to make sure my veggie portion was double the size of my protein portion. No sugar, no "white carbs" (the baddies), NOTHING processed. The biggest difference maker was when I started Eight Sixteen two weeks before I left! I swear I love it. It's the easiest diet trick to implement and weight just vanished with minimal effort. Need easy recipe ideas? Click the pics below!


I quit all alcohol 3 weeks out and stuck to my liquid morning with a Bulletproof coffee here and there. I drank TONS of water with lemon, just constantly drinking it all day, sometimes sprinkling some turmeric in it to help with any bloating + inflammation. I finished every night with either a peppermint tea, ginger + turmeric tea, or Calm tea.




Ughh I WISH I was that girl who works out all the time and has my routine down pat. I'm just not. I just tried to be active and go on walks whenever it was an option. And I tried to make it to pilates twice a week. Sometimes it was less, but sometimes it was more! About 2 weeks before taking off, I went in to panic mode and did a one minute plank every single day, somehow convincing myself this would make up for all the lost time... It's not a transformation, but I will say my tummy and arms felt tight! 




Two crucial things here... #1. I dry brushed my life away! There are SO many benefits to dry brushing, but if I'm being honest my main motivation these past weeks was to keep cellulite at bay. Clearly I wasn't going to take care of that in the gym... So I dry brushed my whole bod every day before showering. When the time came to strip down, my legs were smooth and my skin was so soft. Aaaand let's not forget #2. If you can't tone it, tan it! A tan is really the biggest confidence booster. If you can only do ONE thing on this list, get the spray tan! Or do it yourself with San Tropez.



Chances are if you're in a situation where you're in a bikini, you're probably not wearing a whole lot of makeup. OY. First thing's first, I drank collagen every day in my protein shake or a mug of bone broth to make sure my hair/skin/nails were as pretty as it could be. To make my naked face look as good as possible, I kept up my Latisse routine, died my brows and lashes, and did detoxifying masks a few days before takeoff to make sure any dirt/makeup lingering in my pores would not decide to emerge in the form of a pimple when I'm trying to look my cutest. I adhered to my maybe-sllightly-overboard in-flight skincare routine to make sure the plane ride didn't set me back. And lastly, I used the James Reed Sleep Mask Tan! It's face mask you sleep in that also tans you. Say hello to beautiful, glowing skin.



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