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A $10 Beauty Tip

A $10 Beauty Tip

Less than 10, actually! $7.59 on Amazon currently...

When I think about how I approached skincare as a teenager, everything was super intense. Facewashes with microbeads, toners that were like 99.9% pure alcohol... you know the ones, right? Now my approach is more gentle. I like products that do their job while coddling my skin. Nothing can tug, pull, or tear. I check the 26-30 age box, so we are in major PRESERVATION mode, ya feel?

But I also wear two tons of mascara every day, so how are you going to get it all off without some sort of rigorous motion?? Not to mention, exfoliation is SO important, so what do you do?? How do you GENTLY exfoliate?? You get a muslin washcloth, babes. They are SUPER inexpensive, I buy them in bulk on Amazon + they feel sooo nice!

Using a muslin cloth to cleanse your face gets you SUPER clean, GENTLY exfoliates, AND encourage blood CIRCULATION. The combination is GLOWING SKIN. 


  1. I first splash my face with warm water to loosen up makeup, especially around my eyes so I can avoid tugging later
  2. Using my clean hands, I go in with a mild creamy cleanser - currently VERY into Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser 
  3. Dampen the muslin cloth and wipe everything away
  4. Repeat 2 + 3


Ever heard of it? People are really hopping on board lately. It's supposed to be so great because you are not diluting your cleanser at all - you're using it in it's truest form and therefore, reaping ALL its benefits. I like to do it at the end of the day if I haven't worn makeup ((or really, if I haven't worn mascara)). You need a muslin cloth to do it and the only other rule is to use a cleanser that does NOT foam. The Milky Jelly Cleanser is perf because it's exactly that: milky + jelly.

  1. With CLEAN hands, massage your cleanser in upward circular motions onto your dry skin
  2. Use damp muslin cloth to wipe everything away
  3. Repeat!


Another great way to use your muslin cloth is for a little facial steam. This is great to do after cleansing to prep your skin for the rest of your nighttime routine OR to do pre-mask.

Run the cloth under hot water and wring it out. Hold it against your face for a few secs. Repeat like three times. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! It will feel really good and zen you out a little bit.


I feel like this goes without saying? Wash the cloth regularly. This is your FACE. The good news is that for $7.59, you actually get a pack of 10...! So you can rotate them out frequently + always have a fresh one!

Happy washing babes!



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