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5 Items to get at Whole Foods for Beautiful  Skin

5 Items to get at Whole Foods for Beautiful Skin

TBH, this post could have probably been called "100 Items to get at Whole Foods for Beautiful  Skin"... I am a HUGE believer that your beauty routine starts in your kitchen. In fact, when someone compliments my skin and asks what makeup I'm wearing... I hesitate to answer with just the product info... Because the way I look is a result of so much more than what I put on my face that morning...! In fact, instead of answering, I'd rather sit them down and ask what they're eating and then I usually respond with, "Are you taking collagen??"...

BUT, there are definitely certain products that I attribute my healthy skin to and you can pick up a few of them while grocery shopping ((at Whole Foods)) !


This mask is scary good. I say scary because you will literally look deformed for a bit while wearing it. You mix the clay powder with some apple cider vinegar, apply to clean skin ((ideally freshly steamed skin)) + wait for it to harden. It will get REALLY HARD. Your face will pulsate a little bit and will probably have some redness after you wash it off, but your pores will be CLEANED OUT. Also great to use as a spot treatment to dry out any pesky breakouts. Best part? it literally has ONE ingredient: Natural bentonite clay.



I've been a longtime fan of the Mario Badescu rosewater spray, but recently switched to this one because I like the ingredients ((or lack of ingredients)) much better. It's literally just filtered water + rose oil. NO fragrance added AND it's certified free of pesticides. Smells amazing and totally refreshing. I spritz on my face to set makeup + refresh throughout the day. Also, if I have any redness or irritation, I'll spray spray spray because roses have skin-calming properties.




Are you toning after cleansing?? VERY important. It's balances your skin's pH levels which get thrown off a bit when you wash your face. Witch hazel is my FAVORITE toner to use. I seriously think that ever since I started using it years ago, it has changed the texture of my skin for the better. It's also amazing for preventing and healing breakouts. Thayers is a GREAT brand and I especially love the rose petal version. 




These are in the beauty section for a reason!! Your skin is your largest organ + don't forget that it extends beyond your face. Your bod needs some love, too. There are sooo many benefits to taking an epsom salt bath ((check it out here)) and one of them is that it softens your skin! Especially when combined with coconut oil, an epsom salt bath leaves your skin GLOWING + gorgeous.

fiveminutesepsom salt



Not in the beauty section but should be... COLLAGEN IS EVERYTHING. ((We've covered this)) I try to have it in some form every single day. It seriously plumps your skin FROM THE INSIDE OUT... If hearing that doesn't get your heart racing, you might be reading the wrong blog, just sayin... Did I mention it also gives you epic nails + hair? I literally can't keep up, my manicures always have undergrowth.

Most days I dump two scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my morning protein shake, but other days it's a mug of bone broth. It's SO easy... I buy this bag ((it comes frozen)) chicken or beef, doesn't matter, and put it in the fridge when I get home to thaw out. When I'm ready to have some I literally just heat it up on the stove with a sprig of rosemary, some ginger + cayenne for kick. It tastes sooo yummy!! Just like brothy chicken soup. You'll notice when you pour it into the saucepan it has some jelly stuff in it - that's the collagen! Drink up!

Happy shopping, babes!


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