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A Super Weird Skin Trick

A Super Weird Skin Trick

Twice a day I stand in front of my mirror, spray a watery substance on my face, and then proceed to slap - yes, SLAP - my face about 20 - 30 times. More if I sprayed too much liquid.

Do you think I'm psycho yet?

It all started when I discovered that something had been missing in my skincare routine - the horror! I was at the airport dealing with the standard 2 hour delay out of San Francisco ((aka nursing a generous glass of red)). I was staring at a gorgeous magazine cover shot of Adele and decided I HAD to have her winged liner. So I downed my glass, marched my butt over to Duty Free and wound up in CHANEL. 20 minutes later I walked out with an epic liquid liner ANNDDD a VERY EXPENSIVE bottle of something that looked like water but smelled amazing and was labeled "Essence". How vague, right? Damn you, red wine. 

With a little research, I came to learn that "essence" comes after toner and before serum. It's a Korean beauty routine ESSENTIAL because it's packed with fermented ingredients that help clarify the skin ((And I'd been going without it all these years!)). And to bring things full circle here, it's typically applied via a "facial slap".


Facial slapping is Eastern Beauty's secret to youthful skin forever...

  • Increase circulation >> hello glowiness
  • Firms + tones the skin
  • Allows for oxygen + product to get into the deepest layers of skin and be effective at a cellular level

You can apply pretty much apply any product using the slap method - Apparently there is no such thing as too much slapping. A lot of Korean women slap their moisturizer in ((which I may start doing)). I've always done it with my essence because back when I had to go google, What the heck is essence?, I read somewhere that that's how you put it on. And honestly, it's so watery, I don't really know how else you could apply it? 


My essence comes in a bottle that I decant into a little glass spray bottle ((like 99c at any Sprouts or Whole Foods or order here)). After cleansing and toning, I give a good 5 or so sprays on my face and with CLEAN HANDS, I start slapping the product in. Obviously don't hurt yourself, but you do want to apply a little pressure. Think of Kevin from Home Alone slapping on the aftershave. I do rapid fire little slaps on cheeks, chin and forehead. If I have a lot of liquid, I'll slap the excess on my chest + backs of my hands.

Glass bottles


I didn't really know what I was doing with that overpriced bottle of CHANEL. I quickly got smart and found a much better option - MISSHA's Time Revolution First Treatment Essence. It's their answer to the cult classic SKII Facial Treatment Essence ((which is literally $150)). I credit this magical beauty water for completely evening out my skin tone + always keeping me hydrated. And also, I feel like I get more bang for my buck with any serum I put on afterwards because my skin is better prepped for it. Order here or on Amazon.

Happy slapping, babes!


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