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Beauty: Behind the Wheel

Beauty: Behind the Wheel

There are LOTS of perks to living in Southern California, but one of the downfalls ((for me, at least)) is that I spend more time than I would like in the car. I'm the first to admit I'm not the best at being behind the wheel ((I was out of practice for 6-ish years, and honestly, I just don't like it)), but I WOULD argue that I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to beauty behind the wheel...


First things first - Keep things tidy. Clean car = clean face. Clean face = beautiful face! I keep these little hand wipes in my center console and give my hands, arms + anything else I touch while driving a good rub down. Elimination of bacteria is KEY. These are also great to have on hand for when you spill your bulletproof matcha latte all over yourself. 


Three products here that come in clutch... ((that was a car joke in case you missed it)).

Clean: Bioderma wipes

I rave about the micellar water all the time and the wipe version is just as amaze, just more car friendly! These babies remove ALL makeup and veryyyy gently cleanse. I keep these in here because I race ((at 45mph)) from work to pilates and can't STAND the thought of sweating in my makeup + sunscreen.

Refresh: Avene thermal water

I LOVE a good face spray. Sometimes I have my rose water in here, sometimes it's my pocket bunny ((not a sex toy)), but lately it's Avene's thermal water. I like to give my face a little spritz whenever I need a pick-me-up. And I also like to kind of DRENCH my face with it before I use the makeup wipes. It's also really nice when you're super hot and need to cool down.

Hydrate: Lucas Papaw

Picked up my obsession for this product on my first trip down unda. It's a wonderful skin salve that has more uses than the girl's dad has for Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I swipe it on my lips, cuticles, undereyes + anywhere that needs a little love.


Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!! Can't emphasize this one enough and it's CRAZY to me how many people are going without it! I keep a roll on mineral sunscreen in my car - it's sooo easy, seriously! I rub it on any exposed skin, and always make sure to give extra love to the backs of my hands - no sun spots for me thanks!! The roll-on aspect is IDEAL, because it doesn't get everywhere like a spray, and you don't have to use the palm of your hands and get your steering wheel all gross. YES. 


Is it cheesy to say "spirit"? Whatevs, it sounds chic-er than saying NOSE, right? Anyway, I love things that smell good, obviously. But I'm not into perfume-y scents which is mostly what's out there in terms of room sprays, etc. I like clean, natural yummy smells. So I make my own! At Whole Foods or Amazon.com you can buy little glass spray bottles.

I fill the spray bottle up about 75% with the rose water and then add about 10 drops of the oil. Just shake + spray when you want to feel refreshed and energized.

I'm currently into Bergamot... It has a citrus-y-ish scent and uplifting vibes. I spray on my way to work in the morning to pump myself up... and then also when I get in the car after pilates because i'm gross + sweaty..!


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