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How the F to Stop Eating Sugar

How the F to Stop Eating Sugar

Well sh*t. If there was ever any question about whether or not sugar is addictive, this holiday season just sealed the deal for me... anyone else??

Between all the treats showing up on my desk at work, the obligatory cookie-decorating traditions, obligatory cookie-EATING traditions for that matter, candy canes, peppermint bark, and everything else in between - I am here to say: My name is Carolina Ekstrom and I am addicted to sugar. 


Sugar played such a small role in my diet before this - like it hardly even showed up AT ALL and I never even missed it. So how do we get back to that? Move on? Re-calibrate? Normalize? Go back to Start?

I'm not 100% pos, to be honest. But here's what I've been doing to start and we seem to be having success... a.k.a. I haven't come near a brownie in solid 72 hours... PROGRESS.


1. For starters, if it's in the house, get rid of it. You don't need that kind of challenge right now. Throw it away, give it away, whatever. Bye Felicia.

2. Tea. Weirdly, it DOES help, pinky promise. I like a peppermint or mint tea - it really helps to curb the craving. If you're like DYING for the sweet stuff, I recommend Good Earth Sweet + Spicy tea - it's like tea dessert.

3. Aussie Bites - Theses little morsels are KILLER. They are little oatcake treats, and they def helped wean me off the white stuff. I pop one in after din ((with my tea)) if I feel like I "need" something sweet. For a few days it'll be every night, then some nights i'll find i don't need it, and then it becomes the occasional treat. The ingreds are like not my ACTUAL FAVE, but farrrr better than a cookie that is literally processed white flour + processed white sugar...

4. Fruit - I'm not the biggest fruit eater, so I kind of forget about it, but it's a great way to curb a sugar craving... I recently learned raspberries and blueberries are choc-full of fiber ((which I'm trying to eat more of)), so lately I've been whipping up a super quick + easy little treat: I'll get a little pack of organic raspberries, and roll them in some melted DARK chocolate ((Lily's is my fave brand)), sprinkle chia seeds on top and pop them in the fridge to cool + harden up. SO GOOD.

5. Eat healthy ((or healthiER)) things you LOVE. Try and remember there are a lot of other foods you loooove to eat that are much better nutritionally speaking. One of my all time FAVES is sweet potato toasts w avo, also sweet potato fries with cilantro sauce ((Or anything with cilantro sauce, a finger will do!!)) Broccoli with crack sauce will forever hold my heart... The idea is to load up on other things you love and remind yourself sugar is not the only yummy thing out there

sweet potato toast.jpg

6. Drink a heap of water - water supposedly cures everything from a cold to dull skin, so why not employ it here, too? Also, why not throw in some Apple Cider Vinegar?? Or Collagen??


7. Lastly, I try and remind myself throughout all this that the reason I don't eat it in the first place is that I actually DON'T like it... it's processed, fake, devoid of nutritional value, makes my stomach hurt, is addictive, and what I refer to as a "chemical" ((not real food)). My plight on this Earth is to avoid chemicals at all ((reasonable)) costs, so once I remember this, I'm usually good.... Usually.

If you have any other tips, I'd love to hear 'em! Good Luck out there!


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