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Healing Bone Broth Ramen

Healing Bone Broth Ramen

Anyone else feel like they're surrounded by sniffly noses and coughing coworkers? Or just generally FUH-REEZING at all times?? 'Tis the season!

I've been traveling a ton ((hence why it's been a minute since we've seen each other here on I"ll Be Ready...)) and my immune system took a BEATING. I employed all of the witch doctor-y potions in my arsenal and literally lived off of this soup to get through it. But also, it's just so yummy in the cold weather - literally heats you from the inside out!

I would preface this recipe post by saying it's literally so simple, it shouldn't get it's own post, blah blah blah, but I'm going to go ahead and make the assumption that you didn't come here for some fancy gourmet recipe inspo...

Healing Bone Broth Ramen


  • Coconut Oil
  • Sesame Oil
  • Liquid Aminos ((a GMO-free soy sauce substitute))
  • Yellow onion
  • big chunk of ginger, peeled and grated or chopped up small ((I don't mind chunks of ginger))
  • 2 bags of frozen bone broth ((thawed at least a little to make your life easier))
  • A big bunch of organic spinach ((spinach is one of the Dirty Dozen foods that you should NEVER eat unless organic - PESTICIDES))
  • 2ish heads of broccoli 
  • ((Carrots would be good in here too))
  • Buckwheat noodles
  • Green onion
  • Fresh basil
  • Some hard boiled eggs ((1 per person))
  • 2 limes, maybe one more for garnish


  1. We'll start with a hot tip: When you get home from the market, put the frozen bone broth bags in the fridge to thaw out. If you're making the soup immediately ((which I did every time)) you'll just have to work a little harder for your food: I used scissors to cut the frozen broth out of their bags and popped them in a separate sauce pan to start melting down
  2. Saute your onion and ginger in coconut oil with a little splash of sesame oil 
  3. If adding carrots, throw them in now so they soften up
  4. When onions are soft and translucent, add in chopped broc ((stems, too!)) + spinach and douse them with the liquid aminos. Mix around for a second, but don't let them burn or anything
  5. Add in bone broth and turn up heat so the soup gets hot
  6. Juice the limes
  7. Add in the buckwheat noodles ((I like to break them in half first)), mix around and cover the pot.
  8. The noodles take like 2 minutes to soften up. Serve right away with a hard boiled egg, sliced in half, and a bunch of green onion + fresh basil on top ((Option to add sriracha!))

**Notice I didn't add any salt. Between the bone broth and the liquid aminos, it doesn't usually need much, if any. But the saltiness of bone broth can vary, so just make sure you hold off adding any until you taste it. Just to be safe!

So why is it "healing"?

So glad you asked! A heap of reasons...

  • Bone Broth - It's seriously so healing. When consumed hot it helps break up mucus + inflammation. It is CHOC FULL of antioxidants, vitamins + minerals AND it helps increase the absorption of nutrients of other foods you eat it with. Also it's got gelatin which gives you plump skin, shiny hair + strong nails ((So you can still look cute while sick))
  • Ginger - this spicy little root helps to heal a sore throat quickly while also killing off the viruses that cause the common cold. In case you had any doubt "ginger" and "badass" go together.
  • Spinach - No questions here, right? Spinach is the OG health food, the "original kale" if you will... Eat up, buttercup
  • Broccoli - See above. But also, lots of great fiber in broc! Helps with digestion and eliminating toxins in the bod.
  • Buckwheat - Don't let the "wheat" in "buckwheat" scare you off... Buckwheat is like... SUPER healthy. It's actually not even a real wheat ((Imposter)). It's gluten free, Full of vitamin B ((hello, energy)) and has minerals like magnesium, zinc, and iron ((ever heard of zinc when you're sick?))

I HIGHLY recommend pairing it with a detox bath for some extra healing power.

So there you have it! If you, or someone you like know, is sick, now you know how to quickly and easily handle it!

((P.S. In case you want to switch it up, I also love these veggie soups... Broccoli + Carrot))


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