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Up The Wall

Up The Wall

SOOOO correct me if i'm wrong but I'm betting your nightly routine looks something like this... Eat dinner, get random sh*t done, watch some TV, realize it's pretty late and you should probably go to bed, get in bed, stare at your phone for a while until, again, you realize it's pretty late and you should probably go to bed... 

Let's take that little routine and flip it on it's head, shall we??

One of my favorite words in this world is "anti-inflammatory". Chances are, if something is allegedly anti-inflammatory, I have tried it. ((See my devotion to turmeric, salt baths, jade rollers, and dry brushes for reference)). Given my history, it was only a matter of time before I started spending 30 minutes every night with my legs up in the air... fun, right??


It's called "Legs Up the Wall Pose" and it's a real thing! Sometimes you do it in yoga class ((So I've been told, I do not actually go to yoga class...))


Literally lay on your back with your legs in the air, against the wall. You don't need to be in a perfect 90 degree angle, it's actually better if there are a few inches of space between your hips and the wall. I stay like this for anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes ((I like to be intense)) but even 5 minutes is beneficial.


Gravity is now working in the opposite direction - this will stimulate circulation ((love)) and encourage drainage ((also love)). It will reduce swelling in your feet and legs by breaking up liquid and blood that pools from being upright. It also releases tension in your lower back + hamstrings. Lastly, when coupled with deep breathing, it calms your whole nervous system and lowers anxiety, stress, and insomnia. This is why it's perfect to do before bed!

I recently started working full time in an office, where I spend the majority of my day sitting down. This is a drastic change in lifestyle for me, since I'm used to being mostly outside and walking all day/every day. Throwing my legs up the wall makes me feel like I'm reversing the effects of being so sedentary at work.


I love to get in bed 30 minutes earlier than normal, throw my legs up the wall and turn on a podcast for 30 minutes - WHICH BY THE WAY, did you know the podcast app has a built in sleep timer? It's the little moon icon. Flip upside down, set your timer, and start relaxing. After the 30 minutes, DON'T get back on your phone! You're all relaxed + zenned out and perfectly prepped for a great night's sleep. 

I recommend you try it TONIGHT ((and every night after)).


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