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Lightning Baby

Lightning Baby

Over the weekend, I got a question that knocked the wind out of me: "What is a serum?"

I know that my personal skincare routine is on the far end of the "maybe-you're-overdoing-it" spectrum, but I had thought that everyone was doing ((what I consider to be)) the basics... Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer. My shock came from the major distress I felt for this girl who had been going years without what I consider to be the base hitter of skincare...!

So, let's dive in shall we??


A serum is the step in skincare that delivers super concentrated active ingredients to your skin. It's molecular makeup is much smaller, allowing it to penetrate deeep into the skin. Because of this, it can target SUPER specific skincare needs ((wrinkles, acne, dry skin, etc.)). Find a serum that tackles whatever you feel like you need!


After cleansing + toning // Before moisturizing.

((A good rule of thumb when layering products is to go thinnest --> thickest. A toner has a watery consistency; Serum is slightly thicker; Moisturizer is the thickest.))


Best approach is the push + press... Drop a few drops of the serum in your ((CLEAN)) hands, then PUSH and PRESS the serum into your skin. You know that dorky dance move people do where they box their head? You kind of do that, but with hands flat on your face....


I LOVE a good vitamin C serum. I'm past the point of needing anything to manage regular breakouts, but don't yet have "mature" skin. A vitamin C serum is great because it targets skintone! It brightens you up and evens out your complexion. My skincare goals include looking like I have a little lightbulb inside my head that shoots sunbeam-like rays out of my face, so when I came across COSRX's Triple Lightning Serum, I figured I was close.

I've tweaked my skincare routine A LOT over the years and have fallen in love with a small arsenal of products that pack a serious PUNCH and have actually changed my skin. This little lightning bibi takes the cake. He is helping me achieve my lightbulb dreams and also allowed me to easily transition to going make-up free on a regular basis... as in, no face makeup at work! Quite the feat if you ask me. 


  • I like to wait 5 minutes after pressing in my serum before I put on my moisturizer - I want to give it a sec to all sink in + get absorbed
  • Most serums ((especially Vitamin C)) don't have a long shelf life, so DO NOT leave your bottle open. I have a habit of opening and closing it as fast as possible in order to preserve it.
  • First time serum users may want to start by adding a few drops to your night cream. They can be pretty potent, so this is a good way to ease your skin into it.


Whatever you feel like you need - hydration, wrinkle-release, blemish-control - find a serum that targets it! And if you have lightbulb dreams like me, this lightning baby will get you there!


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