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Brighten Up

Brighten Up

I have a new skincare OBSESSION. You've seen it a lot recently on my insta story and you know me, when I get this obsessed, I have to shout it from the rooftops and get everybody on board. So here we are!

This is the next product in line I SWEAR by to help me achieve my skincare goals of having a face that looks like there's a little lightbulb inside my head. ((The first two products were this serum and this mask))


It's a sheet mask by the Korean brand COMMON LABS. This mask is GENIUS and SO EFFECTIVE because it combines two of my favorite things into one mask: Chemical exfoliation + sheet masking.

  • Step one is a little peel pad soaked in AHAs and BHAs. Peels are the answer for pretty much any complexion complaint... Fine lines? Peel. Dullness? Peel. Breakouts? Peel. Aging skin? Peel. Hyper-pigmentation? Peel. It's full of ((safe)) acids that work to exfoliate skin chemically instead of physically. Your skin isn't going to actually peel off, this is not a Samantha-Jones-burnt-orange-face peel. But it will be rid of dead skin and grime and be perfectly prepped to soak up all the goodness from the sheet mask.
  • Step Two is a gel sheet mask soaked in Vitamin C and honey. It is soothing, calming, and intensely hydrating.


The compliments you will get on your skin after this mask are enough to make you click "add to cart" over and over again. My skin is left plump, glowy, hydrated and just all around happy. I've been running around town in nothing but a lightly tinted sunscreen ((Mineral, obvs. Loving this one at the mo)). I've been out of my regular "makeup makeup" for forever now, but have just left it sitting in my Amazon cart, because honestly I just don't feel like I need it...!

This is me in terrible fluorescent lighting ((ughh)) with no makeup on the morning after I did the mask...


SOLD - Where do I Buy?

You can buy a single mask for $4 here, but I promise you will want more than one. I buy the 10 pack for $30 on Amazon.



  1. Sheet masks always come with a ton of extra goop. I use this to my advantage in two ways: 1. Before I take the mask out, I squeeze out some of the goop and pat it onto my skin. I cover every inch of my face before I take the mask out and put it on. Because then once the mask is on, I know my whole face is covered with a good, thick layer of the mask. 2. I'll use the what's left in the package after I take the mask out to cover my neck and chest. Even after all that, there's usually still some leftover and I will pat that on to my face as a sleep mask ((as in, I won't wash it off)) the next night.
  2. My other pro tip is to swap out the mini peel pad for a more intense version... I've been using the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel pads over the course of the last two months. I recently listened to Dr. Dennis Gross talk about skincare on a podcast and became obsessed. The man not only knows how to achieve beautiful skin, but he started as skincare scientist who focused on skin cancer research. He knows what will make our little skin cells happy and what will likely cause them harm. So even though the ingredients do not fall in the "Natural Beauty" category, I trust the man with my face. I like to combine the peel with this mask. I just swap out the Step 1 pad the mask comes with for the Dr. DG one. I save the mask's little peel pad for a different, more chill skincare day.

I absolutely LOVE this mask. It is brightening in the most gentle way. Let me know if you try it!!


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