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Mineral Sunscreen

Mineral Sunscreen

With Memorial Day and the official start of summer justttt around the corner, what better time to talk about SUNSCREEN. I'm going to skip right over the importance of wearing it because you're obviously already wearing it everyday, right????? And just get right to the nitty gritty... Mineral vs. Chemical.

I mean honestly, chemical just sounds bad, right?

Here's why you should switch from a chemical sunscreen to a mineral one:

Chemical sunscreen actually penetrates right through your skin and gets into your blood stream. Gross. It acts as a sunscreen by converting UV rays into heat and releasing them out through your skin. Ummm also gross? VS. mineral sunscreen which uses zinc oxide to act as a physical barrier to UV rays.

Mineral sunscreen not only protects you better, but it is also much more gentle on skin. Mineral sunscreen won't make you break out or cause any irritation like a chemical sunscreen can. It DOES however get a bad rap because it leaves you with a dorky white film over your face. Which, YES, is annoying. You know what else is annoying? Wrinkles + sun damage + skin cancer + getting weird chemicals into your bloodstream.

Thankfully ((!!)) the beauty industry is making big moves in the way of natural ingredients, which means things are improving and still maintaining both their efficacy + integrity. Woo!

Below are some of my fave mineral sunscreens...


COOLA is def the most matte of this bunch. It's light and not really creamy. Good for when you just want a sunscreen and don't need a moisturizer.

ELTA is creamy + moisturizing. I love wearing the tinted one on days where I'm otherwise makeup-free and also need a little hydration.

SKINCEUTICALS is magical. I can wear this with no makeup at all and my skin will look weirdly perfect. It's super light and has an almost watery consistency but it gets the job DONE.

SUNTEGRITY I use for the bod. It is SUPER thick and pretty white... Admittedly a little tough to rub in, but afterwards I feel super confident that no pesky UV rays are getting through a layer of that...

Happy Memorial Day weekend, babes!! Lather up!!


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