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Wedding Prep

Wedding Prep

There's a lot of work that goes into getting ready and I'm not talking about cake and florals! I'm talking about skin, hair, lashes, the works. My sister just got married on August 25th and it was INCREDIBLE. The best day in our family's history so far. Here's everything we did to look and feel our best. BUCKLE UP + SETTLE IN...


We went into detox mode. Clean eating only. A day of meals for me looked like this... 

Pre-Brekky - Celery juice on an empty stomach, followed by either a cup of mushroom coffee w fiber, or a hot green tea w lemon + ginger

Brekky - Protein shake or smoothie. Either a chocolate version using Primal Kitchen Coconut Chocolate Collagen or a green version using Sakara's Life Source

Lunch - Always tried to make this my biggest meal of the day. Lean protein ((hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, turkey, salmon)) with lots of greens, cucumber, avo and a few GF crackers for fiber ((I like Mary's Gone Crackers))

Dinner - As light as possible. I've become obsessed with Kettle + Fire's Bone Broth soups ((I'm on their subscription program)) so I'd either have that, or blend my own veggie soup, or a small salad.

Post-Dinner - Ended most nights with hot tea: either ginger, peppermint, or a detox blend

Alcohol - Tried to avoid it, but then again, there is a lot of celebrating pre-wedding, and also seating charts are really hard. What I'm saying is alcohol necessary. Not exactly what you think of when you hear "clean eating only", right? So we mostly drank Fresh + Frisky's... 100% de agave tequila is our new jam. So basically, leave the canoli, take the tequila.

Supplements - We have both been taking and loving Silver Fern's probiotic. Also got really obsessed with these antioxidant Skin Gummies. I've also been seeing a doctor to help with my gut issues and she gave me a whole workup of supplements/vitamins that I've been taking.

Magic Potions - 2 things here worth a MAJOR mention. ONE, we discovered CBD in the form of Sunday Scaries and Vybes - helped a TON with pre-wedding stress + anxiety. Honestly better than melatonin for a good night's sleep. TWO, mushroom coffee. All the benefits of coffee without the shakes, stress + jitters. Sipping it makes me feel focused, clear, and improves my mood. And it’s yummy!


Yoga - We're both Core Power Yoga addicts. The "Sculpt" class, specifically. An intense heated yoga class with weights + cardio. Addicted because nothing feels better than sweating out toxins and working your muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage - A week before the wedding, we had a spa day at Hylunia Wellness Spa, a Balinese-style spa in Newport Beach. We did a scrub to slough off dead skin and encourage circulation. Then we had a full body massage for lymphatic drainage and to relax tense muscles.  

Glow - For a consistent summer glow throughout all bridal showers and the bachelorette, we went through a few bottles of Clarins Self tanning lotion. I've been a longggg time fan of St Tropez Mousse, so for me to recommend ANYTHING else is a huge deal. But this is a MUCH cleaner, less toxic formula. And I love that it's a lotion and not a real tanning solution... it doesn't get on any clothes or sheets, it keeps you moisturized, and it's very easy to maintain a consistent color. Obviously for the actual wedding, we needed to visit the pros and get sprayed. We visited the cute gals at Honey's in Santa Barbara and had AMAZING results. 


Clean eating def helped us here. But we stuck to our DDG peel pads for ultimate skin brightness and clarity, Laneige Sleep Mask + Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre for ultimate hydration and plumpness, and obviously TONS of sunscreen. Seriously, we laid it on THICK. We love Super Goop's Sunscreen.

The week before the wedding, my mom sister and I saw our fave facialist, Alex Beshoff, for an illuminizing peel and dermaplaning. 

The morning of the wedding, I slapped some oil on the little bride's face and massaged her with a little gua sha board to drain excess liquid in her face and contour up her jawline... I'd say it worked, eh?


A week before the wedding, we saw Monica at David Salon in Costa Mesa for our hair. She trimmed us up and gave us each a clear gloss. This makes your hair extra soft + shiny!

There is only one lady we trust with the hairs on our face and that's Suzie Moldavon. She's the best in the biz. A week before the wedding, she shaped our brows, then tinted both our brows + lashes. I've been tinting my brows for years ((I do it myself - see here, so easy!)), I think it makes a WORLD of difference. 

For the months leading up to the wedding, we used GrandeLash MD, an eyelash serum - I swear this stuff works just like latisse... Use it every day and in two weeks you will have bangin bambi lashes.

There you have it! It takes a village, as they say.


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